Stephanie Gilmore: “With the new tour schedule, tube riding and rail game will supersede airs”

Stephanie Gilmore surfing the new Roxy capsule collection

Stephanie Gilmore needs no introduction. The 7x World Champion has dedicated her life to making her sport more accessible to women, winning everyone over with her eternal smile and vibrant style in and out of the water.

After a season highlighted by her first participation in the Olympics and a memorable win at the Mexico Open in August, Roxy wanted to celebrate the Australian legend. So they joined forces to create a Stephanie Gilmore capsule collection honouring her well-known sense of fashion.

In quintessential Stephanie Gilmore style, the collection offers a warm array of colours, from soft yellows and bright blues to warm lavenders and vibrant oranges. Tropical hibiscus nods to Hawaiian scenes, and graphic lines dance on these palettes, bringing a dynamic spirit that mirrors Steph’s infectious energy. The pieces are stylish staples, ranging from much-expected swim to flared pants, tropical pareos, colour-block slacks and beach bags, all strongly infused with her love for a vintage twist.

We caught up with the Australian legend to know more about her capsule, but also discuss the future of women’s surfing and next year’s Championship Tour.

What are you up to these days, now that the season is over?

Right now, I am just chasing waves and trying new boards. I am currently in France while there is decent swell and cold water. This makes it the perfect training ground for Bells, Margaret River and Portugal events next year. I think maintenance is the most important thing for me in the off-season. So I eat well, surf and keep my mind happy. When it gets closer to go time on tour, I will up the game with my training and start a more focused schedule. 

Whilst it’s scary to hit more consequential waves like Pipe and Teahupo’o, I’m excited to push myself.” 

The 2022 World tour will include locations like Pipeline, Teahupo’o and G-Land. How do you feel about surfing waves of consequence in a competition?

I think it’s great that these events are on tour. It will push us, women, to train harder and try a new approach. We definitely need some solid time in the water to develop the key knowledge, specifically at Pipe and Teahupo’o. So that will be up to each individual to do so in this off-season. Whilst it’s scary to hit these more consequential waves, I’m excited to push myself. 

Who are the up-and-coming surfers who impress you the most and that you believe might win World Titles, and why?

Caroline Marks is an obvious pick. She’s switched on, extremely talented and willing to push herself. Caity Simmers and Sakura Johnson (Bettylou) also come to mind. They both have all the skills, plus I can see they also have the desire to win at all costs. 

Do you think airs are about to become a must-have to win a world title, or can a strong rail game and great tube riding skills still be enough?

With the new tour schedule, tube riding and rail game will supersede air game. But I think it’s super cool what the likes of Sierra Kerr are doing in the air. It’s incredible. And if the world title event goes down in a place like Trestles again, then yes, an air could be what wins it. But I personally hold tubes and rail as the holy grail. 

“We pushed to source more sustainable fabrics options, like hemp, and worked with recycled materials and natural dye where possible.” 

You’ve just released a capsule collection with Roxy. How did you work on this, and what inspired you?

I am always looking at the Roxy Surf Girl book on my coffee table in Malibu. It’s a collection of Roxy images from when it started until the early 2000s. I love the fun and carefree, badass attitude the brand had during this time. The shoots were all on film, and the products were very tomboyish and comfortable. So to design this capsule, I worked very closely with a Roxy designer in Australia, Eliza Steele. She and I had the same vision and a similar love for colour and shapes, so it worked great.  

This collection was created with the ocean and sustainability in mind. How did you achieve this?

Yes, we pushed to source more sustainable fabrics options, like hemp, and worked with recycled materials and natural dye where possible. As you know, it is hard to get everything totally sustainable, but it is very important to me to push for change and find new possibilities.

What are your three favourite pieces in this collection, and why?

I love the V-Land sweater, the Parliamentia flared crop yellow pants and the Hollow Trees one-piece swimsuit. I actually love it all and wear it all, but those might be my top 3 this week.


To celebrate the launch of their brand new capsule with 7x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, Roxy has partnered with Joyce to offer 3 lucky winners a chance to enjoy a $100 voucher. To find out more and enter the draw, check our Instagram account.

Lauren Horky

Founder and Editor

Lauren is the Founder and Editor of Joyce. She lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with her beautiful baby daughter. She loves surfing but worries when the waves get bigger than 4 feet, chooses a set of fins based on their colour (purple all the way) and still wonders how to read a surf forecast.

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