How Does It Feel When a Girl Catches More Waves Than You?

Chick surfers shred. When you see a girl out in the surf who hits it better than you, you’re left green with jealousy, wondering how a GIRL could possibly be better than you in the surf. And there she is catching more waves than you. That sucks, and maybe even more if she happens to be your girlfriend. But let’s face it, surfer girls bloody rule!

Think about it… Girls aren’t typically as strong as boys, they have a body shape that doesn’t seem to suit surfing (although some guys have beer guts and still shred), they’re much mellower than guys and don’t hassle as hard for waves. Yet, some of them have bigger balls in the surf than any of us regular kooks will ever grow.

These girls charge harder than the guys

All we have to do is check Instagram to see how good some of these girls are. Tyler Wright rides some of the heaviest draining barrels you’ll ever see. Laura Enever is a heavyweight at Cloudbreak, one of the scariest waves out there. Holly-Sue Coffey can pull full rotation air reverses at the drop of a hat.

And if you watch Alana Blanchard surf, she can do full hacks off the top –better than I can dream of– while still throwing a beautiful smile for the camera! How many guy surfers pull a good head while hacking the shit out of a wave?! Find me one and I’ll buy you a Big Mac.

A girl, the coolest thing you’ll ever see in the water…

Seeing a girl drive down the line with their finesse and beauty can just be one of the coolest things you’ll ever see in the water. Being dropped in on by a girl in Indo and watching her draw a perfect line down a crystal blue wall that stretched hundreds of meters in front of me, regaining some composure and then just trying to keep up, is one of my favourite memories about my trip to Sumbawa. Afterwards, she even apologised for the drop in… If you can find me a guy surfer better than me that do that, I’ll upgrade your Big Mac to a meal.

All in all, girls rip. Who cares if some of them are better than guys. Actually, f**k guys! Girls have it tougher and still shred. They mother our children for goodness sake and they can still out surf us… And they just paddled through 3ft of dumping shorebreak with melons attached to their chest. Respect.

Aaron Jacobson


Aaron is young, wild and free. He's also a surfer who works for a shaper and who thinks there should be even more women in the lineup.

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