How Does It Feel To Have a Girlfriend Who Surfs?

A couple of surfers walking on the beach before their surf session

Having a girlfriend that surfs, in theory, is the ultimate dream for a guy that is in love with the ocean. However, how that translates into real life may not be as sexy as one might first envision.

Being a surfer, you’ve always got your head stuck in a surf report, checking the swell size and direction, studying if the winds line up, where to surf, etc. Having a girl also obsessed with the forecasts and who understands your addiction is a dream. Certainly, something that all of us surfers boys have flirted with at least once in our lives.

So let’s write a pros and cons list to see whether or not having a girlfriend that surfs would be a good thing.

The pros

  • She understands when you get the urge to drop everything, grab a board and wettie, and run at full pace towards the beach when the swell and winds line up.
  • Spending time together is easy. Just throw the boards in the car, surf and grab a coffee afterwards. The perfect date.
  • Holidays are a breeze. No Paris or Prague. Just book a couple of $400 return flights to Bali and enjoy the time of your life.
  • Your lives are heading in the exact same direction. As surfers, all we care about is the next time that our local is firing. Careers and money take a back seat as we prioritise surfing and enjoying the. Girls who understand that are very (very) attractive.

The cons

  • For some, surfing is an escape. It’s YOUR own time. Spending time by yourself in the water clears your mind. For a brief moment, the worries you might be dealing with in your life disappear. Taking the “risk” to bring someone annoyed at you for not doing the laundry into your happy place would suck.
  • Competitiveness, especially if you are dating a girl who catches more waves than you. In other words, who rips. The competitive nature of surfing may turn your relationship into one big competition instead of a loving sanctuary of happiness.
  • The level of surfing can be an issue. If you date a girl who isn’t as good as you or vice versa, there may be arguments about where to surf, when and who with.
  • Goofy vs regular, this one is self-explanatory. Rights are way better than lefts. So she better be on the right side.

All in all, a girl that surfs is just like you. She froths just as hard, wants to live by the beach, loves a pie and coffee after the session, understands how much boards cost, and all the rest. To sum up, she’s pretty much an angel sent from heaven.

So if any of the girls reading this are all of the above, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m single.

Aaron Jacobson


Aaron is young, wild and free. He's also a surfer who works for a shaper and who thinks there should be even more women in the lineup.

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